Secret Service Intercepts ‘Suspicious Packages’ Addressed to Obama, Clinton

27 October, 2018, 19:18 | Author: Conrad Doyle
  • BLAMING DEMOCRATS President Trump challenges reporters yesterday to search the travelers in the Honduran caravan of migrants to find troublemakers

Fortunately, federal authorities were able to arrest and charge him with sending explosive devices to the homes and offices of many of President Donald Trump's top opponents, to two former Presidents, and to two former intelligence officials, care of CNN's NY offices. None had exploded, and it wasn't immediately clear if they were meant to cause physical harm or simply sow fear and anxiety. Cory Booker and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper - both similar to those containing pipe bombs sent to other prominent critics of President Donald Trump- had been intercepted.

Investigators believe the mailings were staggered. Limbaugh asked, suggesting to his audience that it would because he argued the Democrats are anxious they were ceding ground in the looming midterm elections. They were working to determine for sure.

Sayoc was being held at an Federal Bureau of Investigation processing centre in Miramar, Florida, CNN said. The CNN package was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, who has publicly clashed with Trump and is a regular television contributor. O'Neill said in an appearance on CNN that he was "pretty sure those images will be caught on video, and we'll be able to find out where that person came from before they entered the building and where they went to after". But she called it a "troubling time" and a "time of deep divisions, and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together".

But his remarks came just hours after Trump tweeted a complaint that the media's focus on bombs was distracting from Republican efforts in the upcoming midterm elections.

Investigators were analyzing the innards of the crude devices to reveal whether they were meant to detonate or simply sow fear just before Election Day.

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Other officials said the devices contained in the envelopes were all similar to one found in the mailbox of the Soros home and later detonated by police. But they were uncertain whether the devices were poorly designed or never meant to cause physical harm.

At the same time, actor Robert De Niro, one of the intended targets, urged Americans on Friday to get out and vote.

"If we don't stop this political mania, this fervour, rancour, hatred, you'll see this again and again and again", New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told MSNBC. "They originated, some of them, from Florida", Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed during an interview on Fox News Channel. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.).

A package addressed to former vice president Joe Biden is also being investigated after it was intercepted at a DE mail centre.

The bombing attempts comprise just the latest - and potentially most unsafe - example of extremist elements feeling empowered by presidential rhetoric, said Kamran Bokhari, a Washington-based political science lecturer with the University of Ottawa's Security and Policy Institute.

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Mindful of the news, Trump refrained from delivering some of the most pointed riffs of his regular routine, including steering clear of two of his favorite targets: Clinton and California Rep. Maxine Waters, whose office appears to have been a target of one of the mail explosives. To say Democrats "will not" protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, while Republicans "totally" will is a simply surreal and childlike argument.

The devices were packaged in manila envelopes and carried USA postage stamps.

Nothing seems to be scaring Americans more than the outcome of the midterm elections on November 6.

The President's insistence that all sides were to blame for the political climate also ignores his own prominent role in dragging public life into the gutter that is so unconventional that it undermines critiques that all politicians are equally to blame.

CNN reported on Thursday night that Trump had no intention of claiming personal responsibility for inciting what they called the "serial bomber".

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"Stop blaming others. Look in the mirror", Mr Brennan tweeted.



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New suspicious packages addressed to Robert De Niro, Joe Biden
He said it's a product of the "purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the Mainstream Media that I refer to as Fake News". Sayoc lives in Aventura, Florida, and investigators believe numerous packages were processed at a nearby mail facility.

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CNN reports: "It was not immediately clear who the package was addressed to, but CNN evacuated its newsroom as a precaution". Former CIA director John Brennan , who was sent the pipe bomb care of CNN , assailed Trump for attacking the media.

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Robert De Niro & Joe Biden Among Latest To Receive "Suspicious Packages"
NY police are investigating a suspicious package addressed to the actor De Niro and sent to his Tribeca property Thursday morning. Local authorities said the FBI has taken over the investigation. 'It has gotten so bad and hateful that it is beyond description.

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